Lifeboat and Lifting Appliances Service

We provide annual and five yearly inspections, necessary tests and provision of lifeboats, rescue boats, lifting appliances and gangways according to last IMO laws and SOLAS regulations. Our services also include five yearly dynamic load test, on-load release system inspection, gearbox maintenance, braking mechanism maintenance, free-fall system inspection, lifeboat fiber maintenance etc. Having a global service network, we are able to supply these annual or five yearly annual services in all ma… Devamını Oku

Liferaft Service

Annual inspection of liferafts and supply of new rafts is a major part of our services we offer to our clients globally. If your vessel is in need of a new liferaft we can offer you the best choices of brands as per your need. Our own service stations and the companies we cooperate with are authorized from most of the major manufacturers and able to supply annual service of liferafts at all major ports. Besides, in terms of saving time after taking your liferaft from a ship we give a certified o… Devamını Oku

Lifesaving Equipment Service and Sales

Life Jacket and Life Buoy (Condition Maintenance) Immersion Suit (Air Test) Chemical Protective Clothes Pilot and Embarkation Ladders Pyrotechnic Materials Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD) Emergence Food Rations and Water First Aid Kits Signals Devamını Oku

Firefighting Equipment Service and Sales

We offer the inspection, maintenance, test, refill and recharge and other services for all portable and fixed firefighting equipment used on ships. Portable Fire Extinguishers Fixed CO2, Foam and Dry Chemical Powder Systems S.C. Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD) Fire Detection Alarm Systems BA Compressor Maintenance and Air Quality Test Foam Analysis Medical Sets Maintenance, Refill and Test Gas Detector Calibrations Firefighting Equipment Sales Fire Hose and N… Devamını Oku