Seafarers’ life is one of the most crucial aspects in the shipping industry.  Thus the accuracy and quality of lifesaving and fire-fighting equipment needs a strict control at every stage from production to inspection.

   In every part of the world with its professional staff and 15 years’ experience SHM Safety, headquartered in Istanbul, provides services for ship lifesaving and fire-fighting equipment to keep them on highest level of operation performance.

   Our quality policy is,

  • to fully understand the demands and expectations of our customers complying to provisions of valid standards and laws in order to fulfill them;
  • to deliver the products and services we provide complete and in time;
  • to provide aftersales support without any delay;
  • to deliver high tech quality and affordable goods and services relying on our unique project designs;
  • to always increase our knowledge level placing importance on research and education and to share the knowledge with colleagues and customers;
  • to continuously develop existing and add to portfolio new products and services following international regulations  and standards;
  • to prioritize honesty, mutual trust and cooperation with our customers and suppliers;
  • to put team spirit and teamwork  on the first place during work.